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Paperback Book - From Pain 2 Gain
Paperback Book - From Pain 2 GainPaperback Book - From Pain 2 Gain
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Paperback Book - From Pain 2 Gain

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Product Description

1.    Are you someone who wished that you have a stronger Mind that helps you become more successful?


2.    Are you someone who wished to overcome the Pain and Fear in your life?


3.    Are you someone who is looking out to lead a stress-free life?


Offering you a simple but powerful template to understand your mind so that you can make it stronger and efficient to help you lead a happy and joyful life, irrespective of what challenges life throws at you!


In this book, you will learn


1.    What are the four life positions that you take?

2.    Why do you face Pain in life?

3.    You will understand the cause of your Fears?

4.    How these are connected to your physical and mental health

5.    What Lessons does life teach us and how to learn them

6.    Worksheets to practically apply the learnings

7.    Many Powerful techniques to remove pain and fear from your life


Nandakumar Gopalan has a vast experience of over two decades as a Mentor. He has helped over 10,000 working professionals and Business owners lead a stress-free life through his workshops, seminars and training sessions. His focus is on the emotional and mental space and he brings in the science of energy healing to help his participants identify their limiting belief systems and overcome them to lead a healthy and happy life.


Are you ready to take charge of your mind and thus your life? Grab a copy of From Pain to Gain NOW!

Change your Mind – Change your Life!


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